Frontier Envoy

Frontier Envoy is our market intelligence gathering and negotiation support service.


We assist in identifying targets for your issue – potential suppliers, partners, customers.  We locate key decision makers in those organizations and gather insights as to the motivations of those decision-makers, resulting in a detailed target map for our clients.


On behalf of our clients, sometimes anonymously, we make the initial outreach to a target, to ascertain their level of interest in a relationship/deal and set the parameters for the negotiation.


Bootcamp is negotiation prep for our clients.  We brief and then drill the client negotiation team.  Running through scenarios, drilling in techniques, boundaries, team dynamics.  Where and when to stand, sit, talk, listen and, if necessary walk away.  We’ll brief on what to wear, where to host, how to travel and who should be on the team.  It’s like presidential debate prep, only harder.

Media Support

Our team of designers, artists, photographers, animators and videographers prepare the support materials for you to make your pitch, present your case in the most cogent, emotionally engaging way possible. Click here for examples.

Frontier Attaché

Either as part of the client team, or in the background operating as support and adviser, we’re onsite during the negotiations.  Providing real-time guidance and options to drive the negotiation forward to a productive outcome.  We partner with clients’ legal teams to ensure they’re free to focus on legal issues, while we focus on projecting presence and influence in the room.
As the lawyers are working on the contracts, we’re working with you to build the implementation momentum strategy. Ensuring all sides remain motivated to execute the agreement effectively and elegantly.